Face, Foot and Full Body Photos

Take the following face, foot and full body photos in JPEG format (high resolution/300 dpi).

The accuracy of the computer analyses depends partly on the sharpness and clarity of the photos. Therefore, if possible, I recommend that you have a professional photographer take these photos.

1.  Full face while standing (See picture below).  Look straight into the camera. Make sure the photo is sharp, both ear lobes and pupils clearly visualized and not blurred.  Use a green or blue backdrop only.

2. Both feet while Sitting - do not put any weight on your feet  (See pictures below):

3.  Full Body while Standing

  • ​Take both photos in JPEG format (high resolution/300 dpi)
  • It is important that both photos are taken without moving the camera (you will need to mount your camera on a tripod)
  • In both photos, maintain the same distance between you and the camera (you will need someone to take the photos)
  • Use a blue or green backdrop only
  • Make sure the camera is positioned so that your entire body is captured in both photos.
  • Wear only your underwear, shorts and tee short or leotards so that your anatomical landmarks are easily visualized
  • Stand barefoot on a hard surface
  • Relax, take a deep breathe, do not try to hold your posture
  • Look straight ahead
  • Take the following two photos (see photos below) 

Frontal View - Tuck shirt into shorts (not shown above)
Lateral View, left shoulder closest to the camera.
Tuck shirt into shorts (not shown above)