Knee Bend Test

Setting up

  1. Use a backdrop screen that is either solid blue or solid green.  Do not use a sheet or other material unless it is pulled taut (no folds).  Place the back drop screen against a solid wall, where you will be taking the client photos.
  2. Use dispersive lighting to prevent all shadows (umbrella lights).
  3. Use a digital high resolution camera (at least 6Mb pixel).
  4. Use high resolution JPEG format (not raw data) - 300 dpi 
  5. Mount camera on a tripod.  This will insure that the camera does not move when the photos are taken.
  6. Connect the camera to a remote control, so that the body of the camera is not touched when the photos are taken.

Correct Position of Feet

  • Stand barefooted on a hard floor, with your feet separated in a comfortable position and pointing straight forwards (Refer to Correct Placement of Feet below)

Taking the Two Photos

​​Photo Number 1 - Knees Straight

  1. Face the backdrop screen and place Your feet exactly within the foot tracing.
  2. Stand with your arms at your side and your knees straight (but not forced back or hyper extended) in a relaxed position.
  3. Place the camera in a position where the feet and knees are easily visualized within the view finder. Make sure that the lens of the camera is parallel to the floor (neither pointing upwards or downwards).
  4. Use appropriate lighting to ensure that all shadows are eliminated.
  5. Look straight forward, not down towards the floor. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  6. While exhaling, take the photo (See Photo 1 below)

Photo Number 2 - Knees Bent

  1. Without moving your feet,  place both of your hands against the wall (or against the backdrop) at face level.
  2. Lean forward towards your hands, so that the weight of your body is now over your toes.  Your face should be no closer that 12 inches from the wall.  Keep your knees straight (unbent).
  3. While maintaining this forward leaning position, bend your knees as far as you can, without raising your heels off the ground.
  4. While looking straight forward (at the wall, not down towards the floor),  take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  
  5. While exhaling, take the photo (See Photo 2 below).

Labeling the Photos

  • Label Photo Number 1 exactly as follows:  KBT Kn Str
  • Label Photo Number 2 exactly as follows:  KBT Kn Bent

Photo 1 - Knees Straight
Photo 2 - Knees Bent